02 January 2008

Woman Murdered, Body Kept in Apartment

From today's Chronicle-Herald:

A 37-year-old Dartmouth man and his pregnant 20-year-old girlfriend were charged with first-degree murder Tuesday night in the killing of a Cole Harbour woman.
Desmond Maguire and Ashley Haley were arrested Monday, the day after Jennifer Susanne Horne, 20, was reported missing by her family after she didn’t show up for work at a nursing home. Police issued a missing-person notice Monday.
Mr. Maguire and Ms. Haley are to appear in Dartmouth provincial court this morning.
Ms. Horne was last seen leaving her mother’s Cole Harbour residence alone Saturday night. Police say she was going out for the evening and had returned home briefly to change clothes.

Rest of story here.

There's so little to be said in addition to the article. It is sad, yet another act of femicide committed by a man, apparently with help from another woman. There is a brief story about Jennifer Horne in the Daily News, which is posted below. So much goodwill and promise, stolen from her family, her friends, and the world. As her stepfather said, she did not deserve this.

Victim 'was a really sweet, easy-going, laid-back girl'
Jennifer Horne was a quiet, shy girl who had a smile for everyone, even people who didn't deserve it, her friends said yesterday. "She fit in with every group of people, because she was just such a kind heart," former Dartmouth High classmate Jillian Blackman said. "You couldn't not like her. She was a really sweet, easy-going, laid-back girl who was always willing to help anyone."
"She always had a smile on her face. She was really pleasant to be around. She was always really nice to everyone - even, probably, people who didn't deserve it.
"None of us can figure out why this would happen to her." Horne graduated from Dartmouth High School in 2006, and had taken a year off school to work as a dietary aide at a Dartmouth nursing home. That's where she met the man suspected of murdering her.
Two Facebook groups were set up after she went missing Saturday night.She had left her mother's Cole Harbour home, and her family reported her missing when she didn't report for work the next day.
"Jennifer is sadly no longer with us. She was loved very deeply by her family and friends. She was a lovely girl with an amazing smile. We miss her so much," her brother, Iain MacNeil, wrote on the group Help us Find Jennifer Horne.
Horne's stepfather, Gordon Andrews, described her as a kind-hearted animal lover yesterday."She loved her kittens," he said."She was a wonderful girl that didn't deserve to have this happen to her."

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