05 January 2008

11-Year Old Girl Repeatedly Subject of Bullying

Threats of death and mutilation, punching, and other physical violence. This is what 3 11-year old boys are doing to one of their classmates in a Halifax school. Worse yet, the school and the police are completely impotent to stop this male terrorism of a little girl. Perhaps even incompetent. Full story available at the Chronicle-Herald by clicking the link.

Mom upset her daughter in same class as her bullies
Sat. Jan 5 - 4:47 AM
When her 11-year-old daughter came home from school last month shaking and crying, Jennifer Martin knew something was seriously wrong.
Ms. Martin said her daughter Jaimie had been bullied since September by three boys in her class at Caudle Park Elementary School in Lower Sackville.
But this time, one look at Jaimie’s tearful face was enough for her mom to know the situation had gone from bad to worse.
"Two of the boys had threatened to shoot her and throw her body out the school window and when it landed on the rocks below, they were going to feed it to animals so there would be no evidence," Ms. Martin said in an interview Friday.
"She’s only in Grade 5. This is ridiculous."
Ms. Martin said that encounter was the last straw. She said she had complained to the school repeatedly about the bullying, but the boys persisted in threatening, punching and pushing Jaimie.

These kids are 11 years old. They are the product of a society that hates women and turns a blind eye to a systemic-level problem. They get a free pass because of their age, and the girl continues to endure their bullying because the school won't take the appropriate actions to remove the boys from her class where they are the problem. A family should not have to relocate their child because they are being victimized by bullies, the bullies should be dealt with by removing them from the class so that they don't have access to tormenting the little girl.

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