11 January 2008

Jennifer Horne Femicide Details Emerge

There is shocking and disturbing new information about the death of Jennifer Horne. It appears that prior to her death, she was sexually tortured by her captives and then had her throat slit. In nearly every way this case fits the definition of the term femicide: Femicide includes mutilation murder, rape murder, battery that escalates into murder, the mmolation of witches in Western Europe and of brides and widows n India, and crimes of honor in some Latin and Middle Eastern countries, where women believed to have lost their virginity are killed by their male relatives. Calling misogynist killings femicide removes the obscuring veil of non gendered terms such as homicide and murder.

The story is in the Daily News, and can be read here. The excerpt below contains graphic descriptions of her discovery.

It was New Year's Eve and a police officer and paramedic had just burst into a Dartmouth apartment. They didn't know if they would find Jennifer Horne dead or alive. But the officer knew where to look, based on new information gleaned during the investigation of her disappearance. In the spare room, a bloodstained white tissue sat on a baby stroller. The police officer opened the closet door, removing blankets and towels. Inside were green garbage bags, one of which he pulled back.
Underneath was Horne's body, naked and wrapped in a carpet. Her wrists and ankles were bound with duct tape. The young woman had been raped and tortured, her throat slit, police documents obtained by The Daily News yesterday say. The details of how police discovered the 20-year-old are graphic and horrendous. The allegations surrounding her death are found in two warrants used to search apartment 91 at 8 Lawrence St. None of the allegations in the warrants have been proven in court.
Charged with first degree murder in Horne's death are the common-law couple who lived in the Lawrence Street apartment. Des-mond Maguire, 37, and Ashley Haley, 20, are currently in custody and are due back in court on Jan. 16. Haley is pregnant, and she and Maguire have a child together.


poopface said...

honestly this sounds a lot more like sadistic sexual murder a la Paul Bernardo-Karla Homolka than any particular female directed "femicide" as you call it. it's great that you're trying to draw attention to injustices against women... but this is more a case of a couple of sickos getting off on the complete degradation of an innocent person than any misogynist action.

sugar_sweet_1 said...

I hope the f'in rot in hell
They took an amazing cousin from me
I love you Jenn
Rest In Peace