16 January 2008

Man Convicted of Sexual Assault, Assault

This is a wierd story, but it does demonstrate the lengths that some men will go to in order to assault women and provide themselves their twisted sexual gratification. What's equally strange is that the "fraudster" and his "foot fetish" got higher billing on the headline than the fact that he assaulted one woman and sexually assaulted her niece.

Fraudster had foot fetish
Fake reflexology student convicted of sexual assault, other offences
By STEVE BRUCE Court Reporter Wed. Jan 16 - 5:46 AM
The stranger’s offer seemed too good to be true, and it was.
A young man who said his name was Tyrone volunteered to help a woman move into her apartment in Halifax last June 19 if she and her aunt would let him massage their feet as part of his reflexology studies.
"We had a lot of stuff to move, we were tired, and an extra set of hands would be lovely," the aunt testified Tuesday in Halifax provincial court at the trial of Michael James Fells, 25, of Halifax. Mr Fells was subsequently convicted of committing common assault against her and sexually assaulting her niece.

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