18 January 2008

Released Sex Offender Back in Jail

It's amazing to see that within days of being inadvertently released, he's allegedly involved in another assault. Because of that "administrative error," another person has had to endure the actions of this man.

Alleged sex offender back in jail
24-year-old wrongly released from C.B. prison late last week turns himself in to Eskasoni cops
By TERA CAMUS Cape Breton Bureau Fri. Jan 18 - 5:31 AM
SYDNEY — An accused sex offender who was accidentally freed from jail last week is back behind bars after turning himself in to Eskasoni RCMP on Wednesday night.
Douglas Edward Young, 24, was sent back to the Cape Breton Correctional Centre on Thursday after a brief hearing before Judge Peter Ross at which he asked to be set free again on conditions.
"You had a bail hearing on Sept. 21 and bail was denied," Judge Ross told the Eskasoni man. "I can’t change that and I have no inclination to change that. . . . That’s where you were ordered to go, and that’s where you will stay."
Mr. Young is also a suspect in an assault that occurred in Eskasoni on Tuesday night.

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