15 January 2008


Two stories this morning, both involving men sexually exploiting women. One is a clear-cut case of sexual assault, the other is a case of prostitution by bartering with drugs--by a doctor. Excerpts posted, full stories accessible by clicking the story title. The latter story is particularly vile, and is also quite graphic in recapping what this doctor did to these women, so proceed with caution.

Chapel Island chief convicted of sexual assault
Tue. Jan 15 - 5:26 AM

Wilbert Joseph Marshall has been found guilty of sexual asssault.
In the end, a jury took the word of a 22-year-old Mount Uniacke woman who said she was drugged and sexually assaulted over that of Wilbert Joseph Marshall.
After two hours of deliberation Monday, the seven men and five women found the Chapel Island First Nations chief guilty of one count of sexual assault between March 1 and April 25, 2006.
During the four-day trial in Nova Scotia Supreme Court, Mr. Marshall, 39, maintained that the woman, who cannot be named, voluntarily came out drinking with him and that the resulting sex was consensual.
But the woman said she believed Mr. Marshall slipped something in her drink, which caused her to black out for several hours.

Doc swapped drugs for sexual favours

Man who sexually assaulted patients gets seven years

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. The Canadian Press

A Newfoundland physician who peddled highly addictive medication to several drug-dependent patients in exchange for sexual favours was sentenced yesterday to seven years in prison in a case rife with depravity. Sean Buckingham, convicted last month of one count of assault, five counts of sexual assault and six counts of trafficking painkillers such as OxyContin and Lorazepam, sat silently in the prisoner's box as Supreme Court Justice James Adams delivered his sentence.

"His actions were vile and deserving of the highest denunciation," Adams said."He has shattered the faith of his patients. ... He took advantage of their vulnerability to exploit them for his own sexual gratification."

The St. John's doctor callously abused his privileged position and preyed on the weaknesses of young women caught up in a tragic set of circumstances, all "for his own salacious pleasure," Adams said. "Their psychological turmoil must have been excruciating," he added. "This strikes at the heart of the public's confidence in the doctor-patient relationship."

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