20 January 2008

Threats in Cape Breton

This is seriously disturbing. Hopefully the men involved in this act are caught in very short order so that they cannot inflict any more fear and terror in the lives of children.

Girl, 10, says men in van threatened to kill her
By LAURA FRASER Cape Breton Bureau Sun. Jan 20 - 5:16 AM
SYDNEY MINES — Cape Breton Regional Police are searching for two men who allegedly threatened to kill a 10-year-old girl as she walked home from school Friday afternoon.
The two men drove beside the little girl along Mackay Street and flashed what appeared to be a gun, a police spokesman said Saturday.
The passenger then started screaming at the girl and threatened to shoot her. "The person yelling at her . . . (said) ‘Run home or you’re going to die,’ " a release from the police said.

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