06 February 2008

This is a follow-up to a story originally posted last month on the 16th. I will reiterate what I said then as well: the fact that this man is a rapist doesn't even merit headline billing because it's not as "sexy" of a headline when compared to his "foot fetish." The media go with the glitz as opposed to substance more often than not, but in a case such as this, why? It makes him sound as if he's just a silly boy being a boy with his "deviant" interest in women's feet; the reality is much more sinister, and it is incumbent upon the media to report accurately, even if it hurts people's sensitivities.

Risk assessment sought on man with foot fetish
Sentencing adjourned until March 7
By STEVE BRUCE Court Reporter Wed. Feb 6 - 5:48 AM
A Halifax man who pretended to be a reflexology student to get women to allow him to rub their feet will undergo a risk assessment before being sentenced next month.
Michael James Fells, 25, was convicted at trial in Halifax provincial court Jan. 15 of sexually assaulting a woman by rubbing his genitals against her feet and of committing common assault against her aunt.
He also pleaded guilty to assaulting three other women and to single counts of fraud and breaching probation.
Judge Michael Sherar was to sentence Mr. Fells on Monday but the Crown asked that a risk assessment be done through the province’s sex offender program. Sentencing was adjourned until March 7.

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