06 February 2008

Interesting defence this predator's legal team used: "inquisitiveness." This is actually not entirely surprising. Most porn consumers get bored of "vanilla" porn and seek out ever-more extreme imagery in order to get their excitement. Sometimes it ranges into extremely violent adult pornography, be it BDSM, "gonzo," or acts involving animals, and sometimes, like with this man, it ranges into the realm of child pornography. Porn makers consciously go for a "young" look with many of the women, infantilizing them via their dress, appearance, and other means. Clearly the search for ever-younger women carried this individual into child porn. It is readily apparent that this "bachelor" was a regular consumer of pornography who felt the curiousity to venture into looking at children in order to achieve his porn-induced orgasm. Will anybody connect the dots and realize that his venturing into child porn is part of a continuum of what happens with many pornography consumers? Probably not. For those that want to know more about this trail, read Dr. Diana Russell's study on pornography; additionally, the book Pornified, writted by Pamela Paul, discusses the trend among men to find more and more violent images in order to satisfy their pornographic demands. It is compelling and highly informative reading. Full story available by clicking the link.

Man jailed weekends for downloading child porn
By STEVE BRUCE Court Reporter Wed. Feb 6 - 5:34 AM
A 28-year-old Halifax man will be spending the next few weekends in jail after pleading guilty Tuesday to possessing child pornography.
Ryan Russell Inglis, 28, of Lucknow Street downloaded a dozen pictures of partly clothed or nude girls onto his computer using Limewire file-sharing software last June, Halifax provincial court was told.
Defence lawyer Don Murray described the crime as "an offence of inquisitiveness" that was out of character for his client, a steadily employed bachelor with no previous criminal record who has been assessed by a psychologist as a low risk to reoffend.
Mr. Murray asked Judge Bill Digby to impose the minimum sentence under the Criminal Code, 14 days in jail, and that Mr. Inglis be allowed to serve the time intermittently.
Crown attorney Craig Botterill said the images were soft-core and involved girls who appeared to be between the ages of 11 and 15.

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